Precision Welding Tables

These precision welding tables from Rushford Manufacturing give you a flat surface to build or check parts on. They are lasered out of 3/8" steel for the top and 1/4" steel for the sides,  underneath webbing and adjustable  legs. The tables are shipped as a kit that can be bolted together using the lasered tabs and slots to make a perfect fit. (No welding required) Any Bessey style 16mm (5/8") diameter inertia clamp can be used to hold a part in any position at any location on the table. Holes are lasered in a 2" grid pattern. Table thickness is 8".  (Clamps not included.)

Precision Welding Tables

  • 58" X 38"


  • 48" X 48"


  • 96" X 48"


  • 118" X 58"